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Have a Heart (Plate)

If you’re looking to make your Valentine’s Day tablescape special without spending an arm and a leg on items that can only be used once a year, I’ve got your back. These heart-shaped plates are adorable. What’s more, they are also inexpensive and easy to make, making them contenders for the DIY triple crown. All you need is a heart template and air dry clay, and you will be well on your way to having a plate that steals the show (and everyone’s hearts).


  • air dry clay
  • rolling pin
  • bowl
  • plastic knife
  • gold paint pen
  • light pink spray paint
  • Varathane polyurethane glaze

All Heart

Let’s get started! To make this project a bit easier, I have provided a heart template. It will create a 7″ plate, but you can scale the template up or down as desired. Print the template and cut out the heart. Next, break off a chunk of clay and roll it into a ball. Roll it out until it has a uniform thickness of approximately 1/4″. If you don’t have a rolling pin that you’re willing to dedicate to crafting, you can also use a can of spray paint or even an empty wine bottle to roll out the clay. Once you’ve rolled out your clay, place the template on top and cut around the edges using the plastic knife. Dip your finger in water and use it to smooth the edges, as well as the top of the heart. Finally, put a sheet of parchment paper in a bowl and carefully place the heart inside. The bowl should be large enough that the top and bottom edges of the heart gently curve upwards, while the rest remains flat.

butterfly magnets

Finishing Touches

Once the clay has dried, usually after two or three days, remove it from the bowl. Lightly sand it to remove any imperfections before applying two to three light coats of spray paint. Next, use the paint pen to gold leaf the edges of the heart plate. Wait for the gold leaf paint to dry before applying two coats of the Varathane glaze. This sealant will protect the paint finish and has the added bonus of creating a food-safe surface once it fully cures in 28 days. The countdown begins!

butterfly magnets
butterfly magnets