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Harry Potter Christmas tree

Happy Christmas, Harry!

When we started reading the Harry Potter books at bedtime, I had no clue how much my daughter would come to love them. Initially, she was not even remotely interested in the series, and flat out refused to read them. After months of gentle coaxing, she reluctantly agreed on the condition that we would stop if she did not enjoy the first few chapters. She was hooked after Chapter One.

Seven books and eight movies later, she is a huge Harry Potter fan. She knows the books inside and out and has even begun to piece together her own theories. I’ve loved sharing the books with her and watching her fall in love with the world of Harry Potter page by page.

And that’s why I couldn’t resist surprising her with a Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree!

DIY Ornaments

I decided to use the Gryffindor house colors as a foundation for our DIY tree, so my first stop was to purchase burgundy and gold shatterproof ornament balls. I also ordered a box of plastic Harry Potter glasses. At the time, I wasn’t sure how I would incorporate them, but I knew I would find a way to work them into the tree.

It was time to get down to business. I had a good foundation for the tree, but it was way too early to pat myself on the back. I still needed more ornaments to make the Harry Potter theme come to life. After scouring the internet, I managed to find printable copies of the Daily Prophet and the Marauder’s Map, which I then scaled-down using Photoshop. I rolled the newspapers into neat bundles and tied them with twine. I also used twine to keep the Marauder’s Map folded.

The Platform 9 3/4 and flying key ornaments were next on my to-do list. They are both super easy to make, and you can download my templates to make your own. Things were definitely beginning to come together!

Harry Potter Flying Key
Harry Potter Christmas tree with DIY ornaments
Harry Potter wand bag

The Hogwarts Express

This is the point at which my idea began to snowball. Things started out innocently enough with an internet search for Hogwarts Express train ornaments. But when I found the LionChief Hogwarts Express model train, I knew that I was on to something much more interesting. The HO scale train has working headlights and smoke. It also has rail sounds, whistles, and announcements. Although it was definitely a splurge, I was way too excited by the prospect of the Hogwarts Express traveling around the base of our tree to resist. Plus, I knew my daughter would have a ball playing the role of conductor (and I wasn’t wrong). Yup, there was no turning back now!

Harry Potter Christmas tree

Our DIY Harry Potter Christmas Tree Unveiled

Last but certainly not least, I stumbled upon a beautifully detailed resin snowy owl sculpture on Amazon. It was designed to be displayed on the wall, but I had other ideas. Hedwig delivering a DailyProphet made the perfect tree topper!

Cue the Harry Potter theme song. The time had come to reveal our DIY Harry Potter Christmas tree!

Harry Potter wand bag