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butterfly magnets

Butterfly Magnet

Spring is in full swing! The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and best of all for me, butterflies are in the air! These beautiful creatures are reminders that change and transformation can be a wonderful thing. And who doesn’t need a reminder to embrace change from time to time? This butterfly magnet is my way of bringing a little piece of spring’s magic inside. It’s also a quick project that yields a beautiful result with minimal effort, which is always good news in my book. In no time flat, you’ll have a wall full of fluttering butterflies reminding you to embrace the future and all of the wonderful opportunities that it brings. What’s not to love!


A Quick and Easy Butterfly Magnet

The first step is to download the butterflies. If you’re using a Cricut, upload the file to your Design Space, and cut two copies of each butterfly out of cardstock paper. If you don’t have a Cricut, don’t despair! Although the Cricut makes the job a tad bit easier, it isn’t necessary for this project. I am addicted to my Cricut, so I use it whenever the shape that I am cutting is more complex than a rectangle. You can also cut the butterflies out by hand, and it will only take you slightly longer than using the machine.

Once you’ve cut all of your pieces, glue the pairs of butterflies together so that you’ll have double-sided butterflies. It’s a good idea to place the butterflies underneath a heavy object, such as a book, while they dry. You can leave the butterflies single-sided, but I think the end result looks more polished this way since the butterflies will look good from every angle. When the butterflies are dry, fold the wings up slightly so that they appear to be in flight. Next, peel the paper backing off of one of your magnets, and stick a butterfly to the center of the magnet. The last step is to color the edges of the butterfly with a black marker. After all, nothing ruins the illusion of reality like white edges!

Just as I promised, this project was quick, easy, and painless! Enjoy a glass of wine while you admire the fruits your [not so hard] work.

butterfly magnets
butterfly magnets