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bird bottle stopper

Sealed With Style

I’m always on the lookout for ways to add a little glam to an otherwise everyday item. As I poured a glass of wine the other day, it struck me that my bottle stopper was in desperate need of a makeover. Sure, it was getting the job done, but why should I settle for pure functionality when I could have a bottle stopper with pizazz? And just like that, the bird bottle stopper was born!


  • Apoxie Sculpt epoxy clay
  • corn starch
  • silicone bird mold
  • corks
  • drill
  • Midwest Products Super Easy Cutter
  • 1/8″ wood dowel
  • PVA glue
  • metallic gold spray paint
  • black acrylic paint

Bird is the Word

To get started, combine equal parts of the epoxy and hardener and knead until the color is uniform. Next, sprinkle a light dusting of corn starch inside the mold to make the clay easier to remove down the road. Turn the mold upside down and tap it gently to remove the excess corn starch. Now it’s time to pack the clay into the mold! Pinch off small pieces of your clay and press them into the mold firmly, making sure that you fill all of the crevices. Continue to add small pieces until you reach the top of the mold. Believe it or not, the hardest part of the project is behind you.

bird bottle stopper

The next step is optional, but it will increase the strength of the connection between the bird and the cork. Use the Super Easy Cutter to cut a two-inch section off of the dowel and insert it into the center of the clay. Remove the dowel. Next, drill a hole in the center of the cork but be careful not drill all the way through it.

In 6 or 7 hours, remove the clay from the mold and apply several light coats of spray paint. I aged my bird slightly by dry brushing it with a small amount of acrylic black paint. I then wiped most of the paint away with a dry paper towel, since I only wanted the paint in the creases between the feathers. The beauty of using acrylic paint is you can wipe it away with water if you overdo it.

Bird + Cork = Glam Bottle Stopper

This is the point where it all comes together. And I promise that the sum will be much greater than its parts.

bird bottle stopper


Add a dot of glue on one side of the wood dowel and insert it into the hole that you drilled in the cork. Allow the glue to set, then add a dab of glue to the other end of the dowel and insert it into the bird.

Pay close attention, girls, because it’s absolutely essential that you get this last step just right. You’ve come too far to mess up now.  Open a new bottle of wine, pour a glass, and use your new bottle stopper to seal the bottle with style!

bird bottle stopper
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bird bottle stopper