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Alice in Wonderland napkin

Wonderland Napkins

Quick and easy might just be my two favorite words in the English language. And those two words just so happen to describe this Alice in Wonderland napkin project to a T. If you can use an iron, you can literally make enough of these napkins for all of your party guests in thirty minutes. Considering how much charm they will add to your table, I think it’s time well spent!


  • cloth dinner napkins
  • inkjet iron-on transfer paper (for light fabrics)
  • iron
  • scissors

Alice Decal

After you’ve downloaded the napkin decal, load the iron transfer paper into your printer. Make sure that the paper is positioned such that the image will print on the plain side of the transfer paper, and print the decals. I’ve already mirrored the image for you, but if you’re using your own, make sure that you reverse the image before you print it. Next, turn the dial on your iron to the cotton setting. While you’re waiting for the iron to heat, cut the decal out, cutting as close to the image as possible.

Once the iron is hot, angle the napkin so that one of the corners is pointing toward you and place the decal face down with the backing side of the decal facing up. Press the iron down firmly over the decal and continue to apply pressure for 30 seconds, or until the decal has adhered to the fabric. You’ll know that you’ve applied enough heat when the edge of the decal lifts easily. Allow the decal to cool for 2 minutes before you remove the backing paper.

Alice in Wonderland napkins

Keys, Napkins, and Wonderland

That’s one Alice in Wonderland napkin down! In the pictures below, I tied a skeleton key like the one that Alice is holding in the image (found on Amazon) around the napkin with a ribbon and placed it on top of my DIY charger with a Kate Aspen paper plate. Now that you know the process, you can bang the rest out in no time flat. This means that you can move on to the next thing on your to-do list, even if that just means relaxing with a glass of wine. Pulling off an amazing party doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful. The trick is to remember my two favorite words: quick and easy. As long as you focus on simple projects that pack a punch, you’ll always make a huge impact on your guests.

Alice in Wonderland napkin
Alice in Wonderland napkins
Alice in Wonderland napkin