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Mad Hatter hatbox

The Mad Hatter’s Hatbox

Hatboxes for the Mad Hatter’s top hats? Yes, please! Is there any other way to store a hat from Wonderland’s best millenary shop? This favor box goes together quickly, so you can make enough for all your Alice in Wonderland party guests in a couple of hours. That should be just enough time for you to catch up on those episodes of your favorite show that you’ve been meaning to watch. Let’s get started so that your guests can leave your party in style. In this style, 10/6, that is!


  • 11 x 17 white card stock
  • lightweight chipboard
  • ruler
  • scoring stylus
  • Cricut
  • gold foil heat transfer vinyl (optional)
  • vinyl weeding tool (optional)
  • 3M Spraymount
  • glue gun
  • glue stick

Making the Cuts

Print the box artwork files on 11 X 17 cardstock. If you plan to use the gold foil logos, print the versions of the files labeled “no logo.” Use 3M Spraymount to attach the prints for the side, top, and bottom panels to the chipboard.

Next, upload the box top SVG file to your Cricut Design Space. Place the chipboard for the lid top panel on your cutting mat, making sure that the edges of the chipboard align with the guides at the top and left side of the cutting mat. Turn your dial to the poster board plus setting, load the mat, and press start. Before you unload the mat, check to make sure that the cuts go all the way through the material. If not, just press the start button again to cut it a second time. As long as you don’t unload the mat, the Cricut will trace the cut precisely. Repeat these steps with the die lines for the side and bottom panels.

Set the top and bottom panels aside. Overlap the two side panels by a 1/2″ so that the edge of the top panel lines up with the gray line on the bottom panel. Glue them together using the glue stick and press firmly.

Now we’re going to focus on the lip of the lid. Cut the two rectangles out of the cardstock and glue them together with a 1/2″ overlap to form one continuous sheet. Next, use your scoring stylus to score the dashed horizontal lines. The scoring stylus is my secret (okay, not so secret) weapon for crisp, smooth folds. Fold the cardstock along your scored lines so that the bottom and top edges meet in the middle of the backside of the paper. Glue these edges in place.

Clay with mold

Going for the Gold

If you printed the version of the files without the logos, it’s time to create your foil logos! Upload the box top and lip logos to your Cricut Design Space. Scale the logo artwork to 7″ wide, and click the Make It button. On the next screen, make sure that the mirror button is selected. Then load the heat transfer gold foil vinyl onto your mat with the shiny side down, cut your logos, and weed them to eliminate the excess vinyl.

Center each of the lid lip logos midway between the side edge and the seam at the middle of the panel. I just eyeballed it, but you can also use a ruler (probably the better path to follow given the fact that you only have one shot to get this right). Heat your iron to the wool setting, and iron both logos. Next, center the stacked logo on the top of the lid. The word “Wonderland” will be just above the address.

Mad Hatter hatbox

All Boxed In

Place the bottom panel on a flat surface and fold the tabs so that they point upward. Use your glue gun to attach the side panel to these tabs. Begin at the left side of the side panel, and work your way around the panel moving clockwise until you reach the starting point. Then add a line of glue to the vertical edge to close the side of the box. The sides will overlap slightly. Repeat these steps with the top, but this time, make sure that the logos on the lip of the lid are centered on the front and back of the lid before you start gluing the tabs.

DIY beaded chargers

Alice in Wonderland Party Favor Box

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! It’s time to fill your hatbox with amazing loot from Wonderland! I filled mine with my DIY Mad Hatter hats, which fit perfectly but don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. No matter what you fill it with, your guests will love this party favor box full of souvenirs from their unforgettable adventures in Wonderland!

Mad Hatter hatbox
Mad Hatter hatbox
Mad Hatter hatbox