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Alice in Wonderland bingo

Wonderland Bingo

Bingo and tea? Why not! In a land where croquet is played with flamingo mallets and it’s always tea-time, bingo and tea doesn’t seem like a particularly strange combo. These printable Alice in Wonderland bingo cards are perfect for young tea party guests. Games are one of my favorite ways to keep little ones happy and out of trouble at parties. So when I have the opportunity to design a game that coordinates with my theme, you know I pounce on it!


Cut and Play

This is a simple, quick project that packs a big punch. The first step is to download the bingo game, which includes 18 unique Mad Hatter cards and Alice chips. Print all of the pages on cardstock and cut the bingo cards out using scissors. To make the cards a bit more substantial, you can glue each card to a blank sheet of cardstock before you cut them out. It’s a nice touch, but a single layer of cardstock works just fine.

Next, use your hole punch to cut out the chips. Because the chips will be handled and will probably receive a good amount of abuse, it’s a good idea to make them sturdier. Apply a small dot of glue to the back of one of your paper circles and spread it out so that the entire surface is covered with a thin layer of glue. A paintbrush makes this step a breeze. Center the circle over one of your wooden discs and press firmly. Repeat these steps until you have enough chips for your guests. As a rule of thumb, you’ll need 20 chips per person.


Yay, you just scored an Alice in Wonderland bingo game! Get the tea (or apple juice, as the case may be) and get ready for the most entertaining Mad Hatter tea party ever. Just one word of caution–your guests are not going to want to leave! But you can cross that road when you get to it.

Alice in Wonderland bingo
Alice in Wonderland bingo